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Florida Family Code and Related Provisions, With Commentary: 2008-2009 Edition

D. Kelly Weisberg


  • ISBN: 9780735569928

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    Designed for law school curriculum, edited by law school faculty the Student Code Book series, edited by faculty familiar with student needs and course requirements, is an economical and efficient solution to a student’s statutory needs. The code book organizes in one place all of the state and federal statutes which a law student taking a specific course would like to have readily available for consultation.

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    Page Count 688
    Published 12/23/2008
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    Part I: Florida Family Code

    1. Introduction
    2. The Marriage Process: Preparing to Marry
    3. Being Married: Marital Rights and Duties
    4. Divorce
    5. Spousal Support
    6. Property Rights
    7. Child Support
    8. Child Custody
    9. Adoption
    10. Procreation
    11. Child Abuse and Neglect
    12. Parent-Child Relationship in Special Contexts

    Part II: Selected Federal Statues

    Part III: Selected Uniform Acts

    Part IV: American Law Institute, Principles of the Law of Family Dissolution: Analysis and Recommendations (2000)

    Table of Cases
    Table of Statutes