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Succeeding in law school can be a challenge but Wolters Kluwer is there for you from the time you receive your acceptance letter until the day you decide where your law degree will take you next. Our prelaw resources are dedicated to helping you succeed throughout law school and beyond, with titles that offer advice on preparing for law school, tips to understand the basics like the Socratic method, and study methods to make you feel confident at exam-time.

Wolters Kluwer is well known for our highly rated, student- and faculty-approved study guides like Examples & Explanations. Our classroom prep materials will support you at every stage of your 1L year and are developed to provide each student with a learning method that works for them. To learn more, please visit

What Every Law Student Really Wants to Know

What Every Law Student Really Needs to Know
An Introduction to the Study of Law

With a friendly and informal writing style, this orientation to law school features insight into how and why law school works the way it does combined with the tools, techniques, and information for understanding first-year substantive law as fully as possible. An overview of the American legal system and court structure along with introductions to analytic tools and methods of reasoning will prepare you for the life, duties, and responsibilities of being a lawyer.

Open Book The Inside Track to Law School Success  
This book offers both newly accepted law students and 1L students more than just simple exam preparation. The authors, both award-winning teachers with a wealth of classroom experience, reveal what professors really look for in exam answers. By linking exam-taking to the actual practice of law, they explain what it means to “think like a lawyer” in an exam setting, and how to get the most out of classes. Numerous student reviewers have remarked that it changed their study habits and their entire outlook on law school.

Whose Monet? An Introduction to the American Legal System, Second Edition
This extraordinary prep title provides a highly accessible and appealing orientation to the American legal system and presents basic concepts of civil litigation to first-year law students. This text focuses on a lengthy dispute over the ownership of a painting as a vehicle for introducing students to the basic law school tasks of reading analytically, understanding legal materials, and working with the common law.

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