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Connected Casebook Faculty Resources

Wondering why students love Connected Casebooks and what the benefits are for you and your class? Watch our video to find out!

If you've adopted or are thinking of adopting a Connected Casebook for your class, this page has everything you need to know about the program.

What is a Connected Casebook?

A Connected Casebook means that along with the print textbook, your students get free access to:

  • A digital version of the entire textbook with search, highlight, and annotation capabilities
  • Loads of practice questions drawn from premium study aids like the Examples & Explanations and Glannon Guides series
  • Outlining, case briefing, and news feed tools to engage students with the material

Why do students love the Connected Casebook?

  • With access to their textbooks from any device, students have more time and opportunities to do their reading.
  • Using the search feature, students say they can more readily keep up with the class lecture.
  • With a variety of practice questions, students feel that they can master difficult topics.
  • The outline and case briefing features help students be more efficient so they can focus their energy on learning and understanding the material.

How do students feel about the Connected Casebook?


“CasebookConnect is AMAZING! It compiles practice questions in a way that no other practice/study aids can. My favorite law school study resource, and I've read many.”

— Isabela G., Law Student, Albany Law School


“Casebook Connect was the best thing to happen to my education! I told all my classmates about it and I wish all my teachers used it. . . . I absolutely love this software and was so much more confident in myself. Thank you!”


“It has been a great experience for me because I am able to take the quiz after the lesson and also watch videos related to the subject. In addition, I love to be able to read the book online when I do not carry my book with me.”


"The casebook online honestly made my studying process so much easier. Searching for key words was the most helpful part."

— Gabrielle L., Law Student

What do you need to do to get your students connected?

As an instructor, there’s nothing you need to do to make sure your students can take advantage of the Connected Casebook other than making sure they know how to access it. Any student who buys a new casebook in the program or one of the other available Connected Casebook formats will automatically have access. The tools below make it easy for you to share the information with your students in time for the first day of class.


Connected Casebook Flyer

Download this flyer and send to your incoming students so that they know all the features and benefits of the Connected Casebook program from the start of the semester.



Connected Casebook Syllabus Information

Download this document to cut and paste the information into your syllabus or learning management software so your students know all the ways they can purchase their Connected Casebook.


“Students today, especially first-year law students, need many avenues of engagement with the subject matter to really understand the material and how to apply it. I believe that the CasebookConnect features such as the short explanatory videos, textual explanations, and multiple choice and other practice questions greatly assisted my contracts students in developing a mastery of the subject.”Grace M. Giesel, Bernard Flexner Professor and Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law

CasebookConnect Professor Features

Once you've adopted a Connected Casebook, you don't need to do anything for your students to enjoy the benefits of the online textbook, practice questions, and other learning tools at But if you're interested in diving deeper and learning about the features unique to your CasebookConnect professor account, use the quick guides below to get up and running easily.

Quick Start Video

Watch the Quick Start Video for step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Create a class and generate a class code
  • See your students' progress in the Study Dashboard
  • View results and endorse questions in the Study Center
  • Create links to external resources



Downloadable Quick Start Guide

Download the PDF for step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Create a class and generate a class code
  • See your students' progress in the Study Dashboard
  • View results and endorse questions in the Study Center
  • Create links to external resources

Additional Resources

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