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The Law of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, Third Edition

Geoffrey P. Miller


  • ISBN: 9781543812763

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  • Description

    Geoffrey Miller’s The Law of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance is widely credited for introducing a new field of legal studies. Compliance and its related subjects of governance and risk management are major sources of jobs and also important developments in legal practice. The billions of dollars of fines paid over the past decade and the burgeoning and seemingly never-ending parade of compliance and risk management breakdowns – recently including the Wells Fargo sales practices scandal, the Volkswagen emissions cheat, and the Boeing 737 MAX crisis – all attest to the importance of the issues treated in this readable and timely book.

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  • Additional Product Details
    Publication Date: 9/15/2019
    Copyright: 2020
    Pages: 840
    Print: 9781543812763
    eBook:  9781543815993
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