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Law School Exams: Preparing and Writing to Win, Second Edition

Charles R. Calleros


  • ISBN: 9781454827016

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    Recognizing that law students operate under severe time constraints, Professor Calleros employs a reassuring, accessible style that makes points quickly and clearly. Starting with creative examples and illustrations from familiar, nonlegal contexts, the author introduces students to new concepts by analogy and then advances to more complex legal examples. Exercises and practice exams, with a focus on essay questions and model answers, help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, plan strategies, and organize their efforts. Law School Exams: Preparing and Writing to Win offers techniques for maximizing scores on several types of essay questions, as well as on multiple-choice and other questions. Exam anxiety is tackled by a helpful, positive perspective: the right amount of stress can serve as a motivator. Students get help in reducing anxiety to a productive level by learning how to place exams into proper perspective. Stress-management techniques are introduced, including, stretching, meditation, and listening to motivational music.

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    Page Count 224
    Published 04/05/2013
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    Summary of Contents

    Part I. Overview

    Ch. 1. Overview: A Recipe for Success in Law School

    Ch. 2. Overview: Types of Examinations

    Part II. Two Law School Study Techniques

    Ch. 3. Getting Ready for Law School

    Ch. 4. Class Preparation and Participation

    Part III. Preparing for Exams

    Ch. 5. Reviewing Class Notes and Synthesizing Cases

    Ch. 6. Outlining Course Material

    Ch. 7. Know Your Audience

    Part IV. Taking Law School Exams

    Ch. 8. Getting Primed for the Task

    Ch. 9. Techniques Common to All Essay Questions

    Ch. 10. Fact-Based Essay Questions with Uncertain Answers

    Ch. 11. Essay Questions of a Different Kind

    Ch. 12. Objective Questions