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Drafting Contracts in Legal English: Cross-Border Agreements Governed by U.S. Law

Cynthia M. Adams, Peter K. Cramer


  • ISBN: 9781454805465

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    Written in a deliberate and concise manner, devoid of United States colloquialisms, Drafting Contracts in Legal English: Cross-border Agreements Governed by U.S. Law is designed for classroom use as well as self-study. Teaching a strategic approach and sequential steps to drafting contracts, the text includes examples and exercises based on cross-border agreements such as distribution agreements, licensing, franchises and equipment leases. Special drafting issues in cross-border agreements are also considered: choice of language clauses, choice of forum clauses, indemnification provisions, force majeure clauses, counterpart clauses, international alternative dispute resolution clauses, and the choice to opt in or out of the CISG. By providing appropriate explanations of United States law, the text increases student comprehension as suggested drafting approaches are placed in legal context.  This unique guide discusses the purpose of and provides drafting tips for contract parts, contract organization and formatting, basic contract provisions, letters of intent, and the craft of reviewing and revising contracts. End-of-chapter exercises test overall comprehension and apply drafting concepts presented in the chapter. To increase the non-native speakers’ lexical range, vocabulary is derived from a statistical analysis of thousands of authentic contracts. To help with contract sentence structures that are challenging for non-native speakers, syntax structures are based on comparison to databases with authentic contracts. A glossary of contract terms is based on frequency counts from thousands of authentic contracts and usage in text, contextualized and cross-referenced with most common collocations. The online Teacher’s Manual gives suggestions for in-class discussion and exercises, sample drafting assignments designed to simulate real-world drafting experiences, and sample syllabi.

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    Page Count 378
    Published 03/15/2013
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    Summary of Contents

    Chapter One: Introduction

    Chapter Two: Preliminary Drafting Concerns

    Chapter Three: Contract Structure

    Chapter Four: Defined Terms

    Chapter Five: The Beginning of the Contract

    Chapter Six: The Importance of Clear and Concise Writing

    Chapter Seven: Basic Categories of Contract Provisions

    Chapter Eight: Word Choice

    Chapter Nine: Sentence Structure

    Chapter Ten: Core Provisions

    Chapter Eleven: Exit Provisions

    Chapter Twelve: Alternative Dispute Resolution Provisions

    Chapter Thirteen: Miscellaneous Provisions

    Chapter Fourteen: The End of the Contract


  • Author Information

    Cynthia M. Adams

    Cynthia M. Adams is Clinical Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Latin American Law Program at Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis, where she has taught advanced contract drafting; contract drafting for international law students, legal analysis and communication for both J.D. and international law students; contracts for international law students; civil procedure; trusts and estates; and legal process. Adams is an active member of the Indiana Bar Association and the Indianapolis Bar Association. She serves as the Chair-Elect for the American Association of Law Schools (AALS) Section on Graduate Programs for Foreign Lawyers and serves on the Executive Committee of the AALS Section on International Exchange Programs. Adams founded and manages a listserv devoted to teaching international law students and lawyers. She is a member of the Legal Writing Institute (a U.S. organization devoted to teaching excellence in legal writing) and serves as the Chairperson of the Legal Writing Institute’s Committee on Global Legal Writing Skills, which supports and promotes cross-border teaching of law students. Adams was one of the first faculty members to receive Indiana University's Trustee's Teaching Award in recognition of teaching excellence and is a three-time recipient of the law school’s Teaching Excellence Recognition Award. Adams has made many presentations at regional, national, and international conferences. Previously, Adams practiced law with an Indianapolis law firm, focusing on general business, acquisitions and mergers, commercial loans, and trusts and estates. She also served as an adjunct professor of English at Indiana University/Purdue University-Indianapolis and as an adjunct professor of English at Butler University.

    Ask the Author

    Peter K. Cramer

    Before joining the law school, Cramer served as adjunct professor and associate director of Georgetown University Law School’s Center for Global Legal English. He also was a faculty instructor at Indiana University, Bloomington’s Center for English Language Training.

    Previously, Cramer was an instructor and adjunct professor at Indiana University, Indianapolis School of Law, where he taught Integrated Legal Analysis & Contracts through IU’s program in Cairo, Egypt. Additionally, he has taught Intensive Communication in Business at Harvard University’s Institute for English Language Programs. Cramer also has served as an English language instructor in Germany, and has presented widely on international business and legal topics. Currently, he is co-authoring a textbook on drafting contracts for international lawyers with Professor Cynthia Adams from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. The textbook will be published by Aspen in 2012.

    Cramer studied law in Germany and received a B.A. in 1989 from Ludwig Maximilian’s University in Munich. He then pursued his advance degrees at Indiana University, Bloomington, where he received his M.A. in applied linguistics in 1992, Ph.D. in language education in 1997, and LL.M. in 2006. He also studied Japanese philology in 1993 at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany.

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