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Corporate and White Collar Crime: Cases and Materials, Sixth Edition

Kathleen F. Brickey, Jennifer Taub


  • ISBN: 9781454881360

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    With its focus on substantive law, this book provides systematic and comprehensive consideration of major white-collar crime statutes in the federal criminal code, securities laws, and environmental statutes.

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    Page Count 792
    Published 02/23/2017
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    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download) 

    Summary of Contents


    1. Corporate Criminal Liability
    2. Personal Liability in an Organizational Setting
    3. Conspiracy
    4. Mail Fraud
    5. Securities Fraud
    6. False Statements
    7. Perjury and False Declarations
    8. Obstruction of Justice
    9. Bribery of Public Officials
    10. RICO
    11. Tax Fraud
    12. Currency Reporting Crimes and Money Laundering
    13. Environmental Crimes
    14. Sanctions

    Table of Principal Cases
    Table of Statutes

  • Author Information

    Kathleen F. Brickey

    The Late Kathleen F. Brickey, a nationally recognized scholar who specialized in the field of corporate and white collar crime, was the James Carr Professor of Criminal Jurisprudence at Washington University. The author of four books and more than two dozen articles, Professor Brickey wrote extensively on corporate liability issues, the federalization of criminal law, and environmental crime. She was elected to membership in the American Law Institute and the Society for the Reform of Criminal Law in 1988 and served as chair of the Association of American Law Schools Section on Criminal Justice and as a consultant to the United States Sentencing Commi

    Jennifer Taub

    Jennifer Taub is a Professor of Law at Vermont Law School where she teaches courses in Contracts, Corporations, Securities Regulation and White Collar Crime. Taub is an expert in the federal securities laws and financial market regulation. She has explored issues of enterprise liability and individual accountability, including in her financial crisis book, "Other People's Houses: How Decades of Bailouts, Captive Regulators, and Toxic Bankers Made Home Mortgages a Thrilling Business," published in 2014 by Yale Press.

    Taub has written on the impact that recently proposed "mens rea" reform would have on federal white collar criminal enforcement, including as a guest columnist for the New York Times DealBook. In 2016, she co-hosted a symposium with Vermont Law Review students on "Criminal Culpability: Who Deserves Punishment." This event featured panels on white collar crime and the future of enforcement policy. She has testified before the United States Senate Banking Committee and a United States House Financial Services Subcommittee concerning financial reform matters. Taub is a graduate of Yale College and Harvard Law School and formerly an associate general counsel at Fidelity Invest

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