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International Intellectual Property in an Integrated World Economy, Fourth Edition

Frederick M. Abbott, Thomas Cottier, Francis Gurry


  • ISBN: 9781454895831

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  • Description

    International Intellectual Property in an Integrated World Economy, Fourth Edition by Frederick M. Abbott, Thomas Cottier, and Francis Gurry, provides a comprehensive treatment of the international intellectual property system across the spectrum of intellectual property rights and interests. It introduces the institutional architecture at the multilateral, regional/plurilateral, bilateral and national levels. For each form of IP, it addresses the technical legal rules and illustrative jurisprudence, as well as economic and social welfare implications. Each of the authors has played a role in the development and implementation of the international rules, and they bring their experience to bear in introducing students to the field.

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  • Additional Product Details

    Publication Date: 2/1/2019
    Copyright: 2019
    Pages: 1056
    Hardcover: 9781454895831

    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)

    Summary of Contents

    Preface to the Fourth Edition
    Preface to the Third Edition
    Preface to the Second Edition
    Preface to the First Edition

    Chapter 1 Structural Framework, Basic Principles, and Policies
    Chapter 2 The International Patent System
    Chapter 3 The International Trademark and Identifier System
    Chapter 4 The International Copyright System
    Chapter 5 Competition Law and Sui Generis Systems of Intellectual Property Protection: Traditional Knowledge, Plant Variety Protection, Undisclosed Information, Industrial Designs, and Integrated Circuits
    Chapter 6 The International System for the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

    Table of Cases

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