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Criminal Law: Doctrine, Application, and Practice, Second Edition

Jens David Ohlin


  • ISBN: 9781454894582

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    Jens Ohlin’s Criminal Law is designed to respond to the changing nature of law teaching by offering a shorter, flexible, and more doctrinal approach, with an emphasis on application. Materials are presented, in a visually lively style, via a consistently structured pedagogy within each chapter: Doctrine (treatise-like explanation), Application (cases), and Practice/Policy (questions providing an opportunity for normative critique of the law and exploration of practical and strategic challenges facing criminal lawyers). Theory is integrated into the doctrine section rather than conveyed through law review excerpts, so as to help students make the necessary connections to doctrinal issues. Aggressively-edited cases help keep the length to a minimum, and modern cases will engage younger students and professors.

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    Publication Date: 4/23/2018
    Hardcover + CasebookConnect: 9781454894919
    Loose-leaf + CasebookConnect: 9781454894582
    Rental + CasebookConnect: 9781454896548
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    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)

    Summary of Contents

    Table of Contents

    CHAPTER 1 Introduction to the Criminal Process
    CHAPTER 2 Punishment
    CHAPTER 3 The Death Penalty
    CHAPTER 4 Fundamental Principles of Criminal Law
    CHAPTER 5 Act Requirement
    CHAPTER 6 Mental States
    CHAPTER 7 Mistakes
    CHAPTER 8 Causation

    CHAPTER 9 Intentional Murder
    CHAPTER 10 Voluntary Manslaughter
    CHAPTER 11 Reckless Killings
    CHAPTER 12 Felony Murder
    CHAPTER 13 Negligent Homicide
    CHAPTER 14 Rape
    CHAPTER 15 Other Offenses Against the Person
    CHAPTER 16 Theft

    CHAPTER 17 Attempt
    CHAPTER 18 Inchoate Conspiracy
    CHAPTER 19 Solicitation

    CHAPTER 20 Accomplices
    CHAPTER 21 Conspiracy Liability
    CHAPTER 22 Corporate Crime

    CHAPTER 23 Self-Defense
    CHAPTER 24 Defensive Force by Police Officers
    CHAPTER 25 Necessity
    CHAPTER 26 Duress
    CHAPTER 27 Intoxication
    CHAPTER 28 Insanity

    Appendix: Model Penal Code
    Table of Cases

  • Author Information

    Jens David Ohlin

    Jens David Ohlin is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law at Cornell Law School. At Cornell, he teaches Criminal Law, International Law, International Criminal Law, and the Laws of War. His research focuses on all aspects of criminal law, including domestic, comparative, and international criminal law. His books include Defending Humanity: When Force is Justified and Why (Oxford University Press 2008, with George Fletcher) and The Assault on International Law (Oxford University Press 2012).

    In the area of criminal law, Professor Ohlin concentrates on the application of traditional criminal law theory by international tribunals, especially with regard to conspiracy, joint criminal enterprise, and co-perpetration, and more generally the philosophical foundations of collective criminal action. His work has been cited by judges and litigants at several criminal tribunals, including the International Criminal Court (ICC), the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), and the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC). He also is a member of an international working group, centered in The Hague, developing a codification of general rules and principles of international criminal procedure. His scholarly work has appeared in the Cornell Law Review, Columbia Law Review, Minnesota Law Review, Harvard International Law Journal, Yale Journal of International Law, Michigan Journal of International Law, Leiden Journal of International Law, Chicago Journal of International Law, American Journal of International Law, Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology, Journal of International Criminal Justice, New Criminal Law Review, as well as many peer-reviewed edited volumes published by university presses.

    Prof. Ohlin received his J.D. and Ph.D. from Columbia University.

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