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Just Memos: Preparing for Practice, Fifth Edition

Laurel Currie Oates, Anne Enquist


  • ISBN: 9781454894346

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    Just Memos, adapted from The Legal Writing Handbook, provides focused coverage on the proper way to write a legal memorandum. The authors explain the features unique to memo writing and how to effectively execute these features in practice. Helpful examples are included throughout the book, including both simple and more complex memoranda to give students insight into the expectations for the finished product. Like the authors’ other texts, the authors provide a straightforward, step-by-step approach that is easy for students to understand.

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    Page Count 288
    Published 02/01/2018
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    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)

    Summary of Contents


    Part I: Introduction
    Chapter 1. Making the Transition
    Chapter 2. The United States Legal System
    Chapter 3. Mandatory vs. Persuasive Authority
    Chapter 4. Reading Statutes
    Chapter 5. Reading Cases

    Part II. Objective Memoranda, E-Memos, and Opinion Letters
    Chapter 6. Drafting Memos
    Chapter 7. Getting Started: Researching and Outlining the Memo
    Chapter 8. Drafting the Heading and Statement of Facts
    Chapter 9. Drafting the Issue Statement and Brief Answer
    Chapter 10. Drafting the Discussion Section
    Chapter 11. Drafting the Conclusion
    Chapter 12. Revising and Editing Your Memo
    Chapter 13. Drafting Memos Involving Different Types of Analysis
    Chapter 14. Drafting E-Memos
    Chapter 15. Drafting Opinion Letters


  • Author Information

    Anne M. Enquist

    Professor Enquist has been a member of the legal writing faculty and the Writing Advisor at Seattle University School of Law since 1980. She serves as the Director of Seattle University's nationally ranked legal writing program. As the Writing Advisor, she works one-on-one with law students on their legal writing. She is the co-author of five books and the author of numerous articles about legal writing. She has served on the national Board of Directors for the Legal Writing Institute, and in 2007, she received the American Association of Law School's Legal Writing Section Award. In 2014 she received the William Burton Award for Legal Writing Education. Her research and scholarly interests concern all areas of legal writing, particularly diagnosing student writing ability, critiquing law students' writing, and writing issues that affect ESL law students.

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    Laurel Currie Oates

    Laurel Currie Oates is a professor of law at Seattle University School of Law and has been the director of Seattle University’s Legal Writing Program since 1984. With Professor Anne Enquist, Professor Oates has authored five books on legal writing: The Legal Writing Handbook, which is in its fifth edition, and Just Research, Just Memos, Just Briefs, and Just Writing, which are in the fourth edition. Professor Oates has also authored numerous law review articles, including articles on legal reading, writing to learn, the transfer of learning, and the outsourcing of legal work.

    Professor Oates is also one of the co-founders of both the Legal Writing Institute and APPEAL, an organization that provides opportunities for academics in Africa and the United States to share ideas about helping students, lawyers, advocates, and judges improve their writing. During the last five years, Professor Oates has worked in Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Afghanistan, and India, providing workshops on effective writing. In June 2007, Professor Oates received the Burton Award for Outstanding Contributions to Legal Writing Education at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., and this year she received the Marjorie Rombauer award from the Association of Legal Writing Directors.

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