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Glannon Guide to Commercial Paper and Payment Systems: Learning Commercial Paper and Payment Systems Through Multiple-Choice Questions and Analysis, Third Edition

Stephen M. McJohn

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  • ISBN: 9781454860624

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    A concise, clear, effective review of Commercial Paper and Payment Systems topics organized around the theme of multiple-choice questions. The basic format follows the same structure established by the first title in the series, Joseph Glannon’s The Glannon Guide to Civil Procedure. The book includes brief explanatory text about the topic under discussion, followed by one or two multiple-choice questions. After each question, the author explains how the correct choice was chosen. Thus the student reviews course content and also learns how to analyze exam questions.

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     1. A Very Short Introduction 
     2. Negotiability
     3. Parties to the Instrument 
     4. The Underlying Transaction (and “Paid in Full”)
     5. Enforcement of a Lost, Stolen, or Destroyed Instrument—and the PETE 
     6. Liability on the Instrument (Signers Promise to Pay the PETE)
     7. Defenses, Discharge, and Claims to the Instrument
     8. The Holder in Due Course
     9. The Rights of a Holder in Due Course (It’s Good to Be One)
    10. Theft, Forgery, Alteration—Warranties 
    11. The Validation Rules: Beware the Bookkeeper, the Impostor, and Yourself
    12. Conversion (Took from or Paid to a Non-PETE)
    13. Guarantors, aka Accommodation Parties 
    14. The Properly Payable Menu, Subrogation, and the Bank Statement Rule
    15. Collection and Funds Availability Duties of Depositary Bank: Show Me the Money
    16. Wrongful Dishonor
    17. Check Payment (The Tale of the Midnight Deadline) 
    18. Truncation and Electronic Processing of Checks
    19. Credit Cards: Policy Issues 
    20. Credit Cards: Unauthorized Use and Errors 
    21. Credit Cards: Consumer Buyer Protections
    22. Debit Cards and Other Consumer Wire Transfers: The Electronic Funds Transfer Act
    23. Commercial Wire Transfers
    24. Commercial Wire Transfers: Errors and Fraud
    25. Letters of Credit 
    26. Closing Closers