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Firearms Law and the Second Amendment: Regulation, Rights, and Policy, Third Edition

Nicholas J. Johnson, David B. Kopel, George A. Mocsary, E. Gregory Wallace, Donald E. Kilmer


  • ISBN: 9781543826814

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  • Description

    The right to keep and bear arms evokes great controversy. To some, it is a bulwark against tyranny and criminal violence; to others, it is an anachronism and serious danger. Firearms Law and the Second Amendment is the leading casebook and scholarly treatise on arms law. It provides a comprehensive domestic and international treatment of the history of arms law. In-depth coverage of modern federal and state laws and litigation prepare students to be practice-ready for firearms cases. The book covers legal history from ninth-century England through the United States in 2021. It examines arms laws and culture in broad social context, ranging from racial issues to technological advances. Seven online chapters cover arms laws in global historical context, from Confucian times to the present. The online chapters also discuss arms law and policy relating to race, gender, sexual orientation, and other statuses and how firearms and ammunition work.       

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    Publication Date: 9/15/2021 
    Copyright Year: 2021 
    Pages: 1,180 
    Print: 9781543826814 
    ebook: 9781543826821