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Glannon Guide to Constitutional Law: Governmental Structure and Powers: Learning Constitutional Law Through Multiple-Choice Questions and Analysis, Second Edition

Brannon Padgett Denning


  • ISBN: 9781454816645

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    The Glannon Guide to Constitutional Law integrates multiple-choice questions into a full-fledged review of a Constitutional Law or Governmental Structure and Powers course. Lead-up discussions prepare students to effectively learn from subsequent questions. Clear explanations of correct and incorrect answers help to clarify nuances in the law. The carefully crafted multiple-choice questions are sophisticated but fair, and are equally useful to all students, regardless of whether they will be tested by multiple-choice questions or not. A challenging final question in each chapter (the “Closer”) illustrates a sophisticated problem in the topic covered, and “Closing Closer” questions in the last chapter provide practice and cumulative review. Here is a far more user-friendly and interactive approach than other exam preparation aids, with valuable exam-taking pointers interspersed throughout the text.

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    Published 09/21/2017
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    Summary of Contents Ch. 1. A Very Short Introduction Ch. 2. Judicial Power and the Constitution Ch. 3. Allocation of Power in a Federal System: Express, Implied, and Reserved Powers and Limits Ch. 4. The Powers of Congress and Their Limits Ch. 5. Limits on State Power to Regulate Interstate Commerce Ch. 6. Separation of Powers Ch. 7. Closing Closers Index

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