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Examples & Explanations for Constitutional Law: Individual Rights, Eighth Edition

Allan Ides, Christopher May, Simona Grossi

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  • ISBN: 9781543812909

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  • Description

    Examples & Explanations: Constitutional Law: Individual Rights provides a clearly written, comprehensive examination of constitutional doctrine pertaining to individual rights. Along with its companion volume, National Power and Federalism, it provides students and teachers with a highly readable and accessible study of constitutional law. Both volumes combine detailed textual material with real-world examples and explanations that apply the relevant constitutional doctrine to specific fact patterns. The organization of Individual Rights parallels and complements any major constitutional law casebook. In fact, it has been assigned as required or recommended reading in a number of constitutional law courses across the country.

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    Publication Date: 1/1/2019
    Copyright: 2019
    Pages: 608
    Paperback: 9781543805635
    Ebook: 9781543806953

    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)

    Summary of Contents


    Chapter 1 Introduction to Individual Rights
    Chapter 2 Substantive Due Process
    Chapter 3 The Takings Clause
    Chapter 4 The Contracts Clause
    Chapter 5 Procedural Due Process and Irrebuttable Presumptions
    Chapter 6 Equal Protection: Ordinary, “Suspect,” and “Quasi-Suspect” Classifications
    Chapter 7 Equal Protection: Fundamental Rights
    Chapter 8 The First Amendment: Freedom of Speech and of the Press
    Chapter 9 The First Amendment: Freedom of Religion
    Chapter 10 The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

    Table of Cases