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National Security Law: Principles and Policy, Second Edition

Geoffrey Corn, Jimmy Gurulé,Eric Talbot Jensen, Peter Margulies


  • ISBN: 9781543802788

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  • Description

    This book was developed to provide a student-oriented concise treatise covering the most commonly addressed issues in a national security law course. It provides students comprehensive yet accessible insight into how law, policy, and practice influence national security policy. The authors explain the interaction of constitutional text, judicial opinions, statutes, treaties, and historical practice. The comprehensive coverage provided by this book makes it ideal as either a supplement to a national security law casebook or a stand-alone source for a national security law course. The narrative approach to this book also makes it ideal for teaching national security law and policy in non-law school contexts.

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    Publication Date: 5/24/19
    Copyright: 2019
    Pages: 541
    Print: 9781543810714
    eBook:  9781543813463

    Summary of Contents

    CHAPTER 1: Separation of Powers and the Original Understanding of the Constitution
    CHAPTER 2: Modern Separation of Powers: The Framework Cases
    CHAPTER 3: War Powers in U.S. History and Practice
    CHAPTER 4: National Security Law and the Use of Military Force
    CHAPTER 5: National Security Law and International Law
    CHAPTER 6: Criminal Process and National Security
    CHAPTER 7: Intelligence Exploitation
    CHAPTER 8: The Power to Detain: From the Framers to Guantanamo
    CHAPTER 9: Military Commissions and the Constitution: From the Revolutionary War to the Aftermath of September 11
    CHAPTER 10: Classification and Protecting Vital National Security Information
    CHAPTER 11: Economic Sanctions and Terrorist Financing
    CHAPTER 12: National Security Law and Emerging Technologies
    CHAPTER 13: Law and Domestic Security Operations
    Table of Cases