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Aspen Handbook for Legal Writers: A Practical Reference, Fourth Edition

Deborah E. Bouchoux


  • ISBN: 9781454889335

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    Aspen Handbook for Legal Writers: A Practical Reference, Fourth Edition​ is available as a Connected Casebook, a powerful, all-in-one learning solution offering a print book plus access to CasebookConnect, which includes a fully functional e-book version of your textbook with highlighting and note-taking capabilities, hundreds of practice questions in the Study Center from leading study aids, and an Outline Tool to help make outlining more efficient and effective. Learn more about CasebookConnect 

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    Publication Date: 2/24/2017
    Copyright: 2017
    Pages: 400
    Hardcover + CasebookConnect: 9781454885184
    Loose-leaf + CasebookConnect: 9781454888963
    Digital Only CasebookConnect: 9781454889700
    Rental + CasebookConnect: 9781454889335

    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download) 

    Summary of Contents

    Help for Writers

    Section One The Mechanics of Writing: Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling
    Chapter 1 Grammar
    Chapter 2 Punctuation
    Chapter 3 Spelling

    Section Two Features of Effective Legal Writing and Organization
    Chapter 4 Features of Effective Legal Writing
    Chapter 5 Organization and the Writing Process

    Section Three Legal Documents, Legal Conventions, and Common Legal Writing Blun-ders
    Chapter 6 Legal Correspondence
    Chapter 7 Legal Memoranda
    Chapter 8 Legal Briefs
    Chapter 9 Pleadings and Transactional Documents
    Chapter 10 Legal Conventions and Legal Writing Blunders

    Section Four Postwriting Steps and Document Design
    Chapter 11 Postwriting Steps
    Chapter 12 Document Design

    Appendix A Citation Form
    Appendix B English as a Second Language
    Appendix C Sample Appellate Court Brief
    Appendix D Answer Keys to Challenges
    Appendix E Glossary of Terms
    Appendix F Glossary of Usage
    Appendix G Sample Case Brief


  • Author Information

    Deborah E. Bouchoux

    Deborah E. Bouchoux is a licensed attorney with more than twenty-five years of experience in legal education. She has taught at various universities, including the University of San Diego, Marymount University, and George Washington University. For the past 15 years, she has been an instructor in the Paralegal Studies Program at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., where she teaches a variety of subjects, including Legal Research and Writing, Advanced Writing Seminar, and Business Organizations. Her publications include the following texts:

    * Legal Research and Writing for Paralegals
    * Business Organizations for Paralegals
    * Fundamentals of Business Organizations for Paralegals
    * Intellectual Property for Paralegals
    * Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Property
    * Cite Checker: A Hands-On Guide to Citation Form
    * Cite-Mate (a guide to citation form)
    * The Practical Paralegal: Strategies for Success
    * Aspen Handbook for Legal Writers

    Ms. Bouchoux has spoken on a variety of legal topics at private law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and various government agencies, including the Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the U.S. Tax Court. She is a frequent speaker for the National Capital Area Paralegal Association and has been nominated for its Annual Recognition Award.

    Ms. Bouchoux was in private practice for more than twenty years, practicing in the fields of corporate and intellectual property law and served as in-house counsel for a technology company in northern Virginia.

    Ms. Bouchoux graduated magna cum laude with her B.A. in American Studies from San Diego State University and summa cum laude with her J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law.

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