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Community Property in California, Seventh Edition

Grace Ganz Blumberg


  • ISBN: 9781454868187

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    Written by a recognized expert on community property and family law issues in California, Grace Ganz Blumberg’s comprehensive casebook prepares students for the California bar examination and equips them for California practice in the areas of divorce, decedents’ estates, and debtor-creditor law. Community Property in California carefully balances cases, notes, questions, and problems for student comprehension. Because community property is a relatively narrow subject involving the interplay of state legislation and case law, the casebook is structured to encourage students to develop and refine their analytic skills and to enable professors to guide their students in doing so. Comparative text puts California law into context by including references to the Uniform Marital Property Act and the marital property chapter of the American Law Institute’s Principles of the Law of Family Dissolution.

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    Page Count 848
    Published 02/05/2016
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    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)




    Note on the California Judiciary


    I.        Introduction

    II.      The History of California Community Property

    III.     Definitional and Tracing Issues

    IV.     Evidentiary Presumptions in California Community Property Law

    V.      Variation of the Statutory Scheme: Premarital Contracts and Transmutation of Property During Marriage

    VI.     Classification of Property

    VII.   Management and Creditors’ Rights

    VIII.  Inception and Termination of the Economic Community

    IX.     Property Distribution at Divorce

    X.      Property Distribution at Death

    XI.     Choice of Law at Divorce and Death

    XII.   Federal Pre-emption of State Marital Property Law

    California Statutory Appendix

    Selected Provisions from the California Family Code

    Selected Provisions from the California Probate Code

    Selected Provisions from the California Civil Code

    California Financial Code, Section 851

    Table of Cases


  • Author Information

    Grace Ganz Blumberg

    Grace Blumberg teaches Property, Community Property, and Family Law. Her primary areas of research are marital property, family law, and social welfare. She is a Reporter for the American Law Institute's Principles of the Law of Family Dissolution (2002), for which she authored the chapters on child support and nonmarital cohabitation. A gifted teacher who has made significant contributions to the School of Law's Academic Support Program, Professor Blumberg received the School of Law's Rutter Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1989 and the University's Distinguished Teaching Award in 1999.

    Before joining UCLA, Professor Blumberg clerked on a New York appellate court, was a teaching fellow at Harvard Law School, and spent five years on the SUNY Buffalo Law School faculty.

    Professor Blumberg has recently authored, in addition to the ALI Principles, the casebook Community Property in California (4th ed., 2003) and Blumberg's California Family Code Annotated (9th ed., 2003).

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