Civil Procedure

"The rules and customs governing the parties in civil actions." — Bouvier Law Dictionary

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Civil Procedure: A Coursebook, Second Edition
by Joseph W. Glannon, Andrew M. Perlman, Peter Raven-Hansen
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Civil Procedure: Theory and Practice, Fourth Edition
by Linda J. Silberman, Allan R. Stein, Tobias Barrington Wolff
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Examples & Explanations for Civil Procedure, Seventh Edition
by Joseph W. Glannon
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Civil Procedure, Third Edition
by Richard D. Freer

Popular casebook author Freer makes the complex principles of civil procedure accessible and fun for students in this student treatise.

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Friedman's Practice Series for Civil Procedure, Second Edition
by Joel W. Friedman

Practice makes perfect.

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Steve Emanuel's First Year Questions & Answers, Second Edition
by Steven L. Emanuel, Alex Ruskell
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