The Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary 


Be confident in your usage of legal terminology.

The Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary
explains the context of words or phrases in greater detail than any other
dictionary of U.S. law, so students and lawyers are well prepared to use
the term without mistakes.

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Relevant and Authoritative for Modern Students

Derived from the famous 1853 law dictionary used by John Marshall, Daniel Webster, and Abraham Lincoln, The Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary has been brought up-to-date by distinguished legal scholar and teacher, Steve Sheppard. Building on Bouvier's structure and entries, Professor Sheppard has made this famous text as relevant today as it was when it first broke ground in American law.
  Highlights of this essential dictionary include:
  • Definitions derived from contemporary as well as classic sources
  • 8,500 robust, paragraph-length entries explain more than 11,200 words and phrases
  • Entries written to be understood by the modern student, argued by the modern lawyer and cited by the modern judge.


Take the Dictionary with you wherever you go

Available for iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, the Bouvier Apps feature the same content that is found in the Compact Edition. The apps include Search, Snapshot Definitions, Definition Details, Related Terms, Audio Pronunciations, Words of the Day, Note-taking, Booksmarks/Flashcards, and Sharing features.





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