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Jumpstart Property: Reading and Understanding Property Cases

William P. LaPiana


  • ISBN: 9781454823803

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    Jumpstart is a study aid series covering the first-year course areas. Each title is a short book, roughly 170 pages, that addresses a problem students experience as they navigate their first year courses. Often first year students are expected to learn substantive law by reading judicial opinions without a framework or process to help them comprehend what they are reading. The Jumpstart series supplies the context and prepares students to apply the rules in a litigation context. Titles in the series can be used as a general introduction to law school or as an introduction to Property. The books are most useful early in the first semester as well as in orientation courses or as summer reading for students entering their first year of law school. The series will appeal to academic success/support coordinators as well as the course-area professors. Ross Sandler is the series editor.

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    Published 30-DEC-50
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