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Inside Administrative Law: What Matters and Why

Jack M. Beermann


  • ISBN: 9780735579613

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    A concise and student-friendly study aid, Inside Administrative Law: What Matters and Why offers a big-picture view of Administrative Law that looks at how all of the essential elements fit together as part of a coherent framework of theory and practice. A rich pedagogy features Sidebars and Frequently Asked Questions, among other teaching devices that guide comprehension and reinforce learning.

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    Page Count 394
    Published 12/08/2010
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    Chapter 1. Introduction to Studying Administrative Law

    Chapter 2. Separation of Powers and Administrative Law

    Chapter 3. Reviewability of Agency Action

    Chapter 4. Scope of Judicial Review of Agency Action

    Chapter 5. Advanced Issues in Agency Decisionaking: Reasoned Decisionmaking, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Impact Statements

    Chapter 6. Agency Choice of Procedure

    Chapter 7. Rulemaking Procedure

    Chapter 8. Adjudication and Due Process

    Chapter 9. Agency and Private Enforcement

    Chapter 10. Licensing and Ratemaking

    Chapter 11. Agency Information Gathering

    Chapter 12. Preemption and Primary Jurisdiction

    Chapter 13. Government and Official Liability

    Chapter 14. Freedom of Information and Open Meetings

    Table of Cases