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Examples & Explanations for Agency, Partnerships & LLC, Fourth Edition

Daniel S. Kleinberger


  • ISBN: 9781454891567

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    A student study aid for Agency, Partnerships, and LLCs that uses the proven-effective examples-and-explanations pedagogy, written by the professor who drafted the uniform limited partnership act and co-drafted the newest uniform limited liability company act.

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    Page Count 720
    Published 12/05/2011
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    Part One: Agency

    Chapter 1: Introductory Concepts in the Law of Agency

    Chapter 2: Binding Principals to Third Parties in Contract and Through Information

    Chapter 3: Binding the Principal in Tort

    Chapter 4: Duties and Obligations of Agents and Principals to Each Other and to Third Parties

    Chapter 5: Termination of the Agency Relationship

    Chapter 6: Distinguishing Agency from Other Relationships

    Part Two: Partnerships

    Chapter 7: Introductory Concepts in the Law of General Partnerships

    Chapter 8: Financial Aspects of a General Partnership (Creation and Operation)

    Chapter 9: Management Issues and Fiduciary Duties

    Chapter 10: The Power to Bind the Partnership

    Chapter 11: Partner Dissociation and Partnership Dissolution

    Part Three: Limited Liability Entities

    Chapter 12: Limited Partnerships

    Chapter 13: Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Liability Limited Partnerships

    Chapter 14: Introductory Concepts in the History and Law of Limited Liability Companies

    Chapter 15: Creating the LLC

    Chapter 16: Structuring the LLC - Management, Fiduciary Duty and Finances

    Chapter 17: Cutting-Edge Issues for Limited Liability Companies