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National Security Law: Principles and Policy

Geoffrey Corn, Peter Marguiles, Jimmy Gurule, Eric Jensen


  • ISBN: 9781454852742

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    This unique new concise treatise provides a highly accessible but also comprehensive and timely supplement for students studying National Security Law. Written by a team of experts in the field, this treatise serves as a useful supplement for the substantively rich but often overwhelming National Security Law texts currently on the market. 

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    Page Count 536
    Published 03/10/2015
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    1. Separation of Powers and the Original Understanding of the Constitution
    2. Modern Separation of Powers: The Framework Cases
    3. War Powers in U.S. History and Practice
    4. National Security Law and the Use of Military Force
    5. National Security Law and International Law
    6. Criminal Process and National Security
    7. Intelligence Exploitation
    8. The Power to Detain: From the Framers to Guantonomo
    9. Military Commissions and the Constitution: From the Revolutionary War to the Aftermath of September 11
    10. Classification and Protecting Vital National Security Information
    11. Economic Sanctions and Terrorist Financing
    12. Nation Security Law and Emerging Technologies
    13. Law and Domestic Security Operations

    Table of Cases