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Contemporary Law Office Management, Second Edition

Lori Tripoli


  • ISBN: 9781454838807

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    Contemporary Law Office Management, Second Edition is a practical and engaging introduction to Law Office Management for paralegals. Provides a comprehensive overview of the basics of law office management in today’s legal environment.

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    Page Count 432
    Published 12/11/2013
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    Summary of Contents




    Chapter 1:           Introduction: What Do Law Office Managers Do?             

    Chapter 2:           The Changing Structure of Law Firms from Solo to Mega               

    Chapter 3:           Clients 

    Chapter 4:           Ethics   

    Chapter 5:           Human Resources          

    Chapter 6:           The Physical Law Office

    Chapter 7:           Communications             

    Chapter 8:           Marketing          

    Chapter 9:           Money Management    

    Chapter 10:         File Management           

    Chapter 11:         Docket Management    

    Chapter 12:         Knowledge and Records Management 

    Chapter 13:         Law Firm Library Management  

    Chapter 14:         Technology and the Law Firm of the Future        



  • Author Information

    Lori Tripoli

    Lori Tripoli is a writer specializing in environmental and legal issues. She is a former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency staff member and environmental attorney.

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