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Learning About the Law, Third Edition

Constantinos E. Scaros


  • ISBN: 9780735568389

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    Concise and readable, the student-friendly text; Learning About the Law, Third Edition is designed to give students an understandable introduction to the legal system.

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    Page Count 432
    Published 09/21/2007
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      Chapter 1. The American Legal System

      Chapter 2. Legal Research: Finding the Law

      Chapter 3. Briefing a Case

      Chapter 4. Legal Writing: Basic Organization

      Chapter 5. Introduction to Law

      Chapter 6. Contracts

      Chapter 7. Torts

      Chapter 8. Criminal Law

      Chapter 9. Ethics

      Chapter 10. Careers

      Afterword: Is the Law for You?

      Appendix A: Being a Paralegal

      Appendix B: The Constitution of the United States

      Appendix C. The Emancipation Proclamation

      Appendix D. Court Case

      Appendix E. Ethics Codes