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Fundamentals of Criminal Practice: Law and Procedure

Thomas E. McClure, Thomas E. Eimermann


  • ISBN: 9780735570948

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    Page Count 560
    Published 07/27/2011
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    Section I. Criminal Law

    Chapter 1. The Criminal Justice System

    Chapter 2. Basic Principles of Criminal Law

    Chapter 3. Types of Offenses

    Section II. Criminal Procedure: From Commission of the Offense to Plea Bargaining and Diversion

    Chapter 4. Investigation of Criminal Behavior

    Chapter 5. The Prosecutor’s Role in Initiating Cases

    Chapter 6. Defending the Accused

    Chapter 7. Discovery and Disclosure

    Chapter 8. Legal Defenses

    Chapter 9. Pretrial Motions, Plea Bargaining and Diversion Programs

    Section III. Criminal Procedure: Trials and their Aftermath

    Chapter 10. The Nature of Criminal Trials

    Chapter 11. Preparation for the Trial

    Chapter 12. Conduct of the Trial

    Chapter 13. Sentencing

    Chapter 14. Appeals

  • Author Information

    Thomas E. McClure

    Tom McClure is an assistant professor of politics and government at Illinois State University. Illinois State University employed McClure as an adjunct instructor from 2003 until 2007. At that time, he was appointed the Director of Legal Studies, a position he continues to hold. In addition to teaching a variety of legal studies courses, he supervises the paralegal internship program, oversees the legal studies adjunct faculty, acts as the Mock Trial Team educator coach, and serves as advisor to over 60 legal studies students. McClure is a member of American Bar Association, the Illinois State Bar Association, and two local bar associations. His interests include running and traveling with his family. He and his wife Karen have two children: Brooke, a sophomore at the University of Illinois studying nuclear engineering, and Bill, a senior at Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School.

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    Thomas E. Eimermann

    Thomas E. Eimermann is an Emeritus Professor of Political Science at Illinois State University where he started their paralegal program in 1976 and served as its Director until 2004. During those years he taught the Introduction to Paralegal Studies and the Legal Research and Writing courses as well as constitutional law and administrative law.

    Professor Eimermann was a member of the American Association for Paralegal Education’s Board of Directors from 1986–1993 and served as president of that organization in 1991–1992. He has also served in the Certification Board and Specialty Task Force of the National Association of Legal Assistants; as a member of the Illinois State Bar Association Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services; and as a member of the Hearing Board, the Inquiry Board, and the Oversight Committee of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission. As a consultant for the Illinois Department of Corrections, he designed their Uniform Law Clerk Training Program.

    In addition to the three paralegal texts he has coauthored with Professor Currier, Professor Eimermann’s publications also include Fundamentals of Paralegalism, Fundamentals of Criminal Practice: Law and Procedure (coauthored with Thomas McClure), and journal articles on paralegals, jury behavior, and free speech issues. He earned his B.A. in Political Science at North Central College. He went on to receive an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign campus.

    Professors Currier and Eimermann have also authored Introduction to Paralegal Studies: A Critical Thinking Approach, and The Study of Law: A Critical Thinking Approach.

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