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Victimology: Crime Victimization and Victim Services

Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence, edited by Lisa Growette Bostaph, Danielle D. Swerin


  • ISBN: 9781454850960

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    Victimology: Crime Victimization and Victim Services​ is a text written for undergraduate students that provides a broad overview of the theoretical basis of victimology, and the role of victimology in today's criminal justice system. This multidisciplinary approach to crime victimization, crime victims, and victim services includes chapters written by authors from a variety of disciplines: criminal justice and criminology, counseling, nursing, social work, nonprofit organizations, law, student affairs, and public policy. Within each chapter, chapter highlights provide more in-depth information on a central concept, spotlights on pioneers in the field, and real world applications that demonstrate how the topic is currently being addressed in communities across the country. The authors' goal was to provide a more holistic perspective that is grounded in how theories arose from the real world experiences of victims in one cohesive text.​

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    Page Count 612
    Published 09/23/2016
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