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Women and Criminal Justice

Marilyn D. McShane, Ming-Li Hsieh


  • ISBN: 9781454847304

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    WOMEN AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE sheds light on how gender, race, and class affect the status of women in the context of policing, courts, and corrections. Systematic and engaging, McShane and Hsieh integrate the perspectives and experiences of women who are employed in the criminal justice system, as well as those who are offenders or victims of crime. Written specifically for the undergraduate course, WOMEN AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE opens a window onto the historical and contemporary landscape of the criminal justice system from the perspective of women. 

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    Published 03/06/2014
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    Summary of Contents


    Chapter 1        The Study of Women and Crime

    Chapter 2        Theories of Female Criminality

    Chapter 3        The Female Victim and the Criminal Justice System

    Chapter 4        Prostitution, and Sex Crimes

    Chapter 5        Women and Domestic Violence

    Chapter 6        Other Domestic Offenses

    Chapter 7        Female Drug Offending

    Chapter 8        Women and Corrections

    Chapter 9        Issues in Female Delinquency

    Chapter 10      Women Working in the Criminal Justice System

    Chapter 11      Employment Issues and the Law

    Chapter 12      Race, Class, and Gender: Separating the Effects


  • Author Information

    Marilyn D. McShane

    Marilyn D. McShane is a professor of criminal justice at the University of Houston, Downtown. She has been co-principle investigator in a number of correctional research grants and her published work includes journal articles, monographs, encyclopedias, and books on a wide range of criminological and criminal justice subjects. Recent materials she has authored or coauthored include Criminological Theory, 6thedition, Pearson, 2014; A Thesis Resource Guide for Criminology and Criminal Justice, Prentice Hall, 2008; the three-volume set Youth Violence and Delinquency: Monsters and Myths (Praeger, 2008); and theEncyclopedia of Juvenile Justice (Sage, 2003). She is currently serving on the editorial board of the journal, Women and Criminal Justice.

    Ming-Li Hsieh

    Ming-Li Hsieh is a doctoral candidate in criminal justice and criminology at the Washington State University. She is a senior research associate at the Washington State Institute for Criminal Justice (WSICJ). She holds a bachelor’s degree in Japanese language and literature from the University of Chinese Culture in Taipei and a master’s degree in security management from the University of Houston-Downtown. Before beginning her academic career, she was an assistant research fellow with trilingual skills at the Research Center of Security Affairs from Kainan University in Taiwan. Her research includes an examination of gender gap trends, risk assessment instruments, crime control polices, and comparative policing. Recently she has presented and published articles on comparative crime trends and public attitudes toward criminal justice system figures. She has also co-authored with Marilyn McShane and Frank Williams in a book on juvenile delinquency.

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