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Criminal Law and Procedure for Criminal Justice Professionals

Neal R. Bevans


  • ISBN: 9781454824770

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    Criminal Law and Procedure for Criminal Justice Professionals is a complete, practical, and up-to-date introduction to the essentials of criminal law and procedure, covering all traditional concepts as well as recent developments, including technological advances in a wide variety of fields associated with criminal law.

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    Page Count 636
    Published 04/16/2014
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    Chapter 1 Introduction to Criminal Law 
    Chapter 2 The Criminal Justice System 
    Chapter 3 Attempt to Commit a Crime: Principals and Accessories 
    Chapter 4 Homicide 
    Chapter 5 Crimes Against Persons 
    Chapter 6 Rape and Other Sexual Offenses 
    Chapter 7 Other Sex Offenses
    Chapter 8 Burglary and Arson
    Chapter 9 Theft Crimes 
    Chapter 10 Crimes Against Public Order and Administration 
    Chapter 11 Drug Crimes 
    Chapter 12 Introduction to Criminal Procedure 
    Chapter 13 The Law of Arrest, Interrogation and Miranda
    Chapter 14 Warrants for Arrest, Search and Seizure 
    Chapter 15 Post Arrest, Grand Jury, Indictment 
    Chapter 16 Evidence 
    Chapter 17 Defenses to Criminal Accusations
    Chapter 18 Arraignment and Discovery 
    Chapter 19 The Defendant’s Rights Before and During Trial 
    Chapter 20 The Trial
    Chapter 21 Sentencing and Appeal 
  • Author Information

    Neal R. Bevans

    Mr. Bevans is a graduate of the University of Georgia (Order of Barristers, 1988) and a current member of the Georgia Bar. Mr. Bevans has had a varied background in law. While attending law school, Mr. Bevans worked year round as a title examiner for a real estate firm. Following his graduation, he became an Assistant Solicitor General in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Bevans specialized in Domestic Violence and DUI prosecutions for over two years before being recruited and hired by the prestigious firm of Chambers, Mabry, McClelland & Brooks, where he worked as a private attorney representing numerous insurance companies. Mr. Bevans subsequently left private employment and returned to government service as an Assistant District Attorney in Atlanta. In his many years as a prosecutor, Mr. Bevans tried over 150 jury trials. He has prosecuted rapists, armed robbers, and murderers. One of his prosecutions, Georgia v. Mobley, was even featured on Court TV. Mr. Bevans devoted a great deal of his time as a prosecutor to sexual assault and white collar crime cases, even serving for a time on specialized teams devoted exclusively to those offenses. Mr. Bevans was also an adjunct instructor at the North Georgia Police Academy. Mr. Bevans has been a fulltime paralegal instructor at Western Piedmont Community College since 1996. He has been recognized as one of the state leaders in Online and Distance Education. He has appeared as a speaker and panelist at numerous state seminars and presentations on many aspects of Online Instruction. Mr. Bevans has written numerous articles, was a regular columnist for Legal Assistant Today magazine, and has written 8 textbooks on various legal topics related to the law and the paralegal profession.

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