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Criminal Procedure: Laying Down the Law

Robyn Scheina Brown


  • ISBN: 9780735573161

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    Criminal Procedure: Laying Down the Law is a hands-on workbook designed to help students understand the constitutional provisions that shape and guide the Criminal Justice System. Through a step-by-step approach to critically analyzing and applying constitutional concepts in hypothetical scenarios, Robyn Scheina Brown enables students to fully grasp the principle legal tenets of the Criminal Justice System.

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    Page Count 288
    Published 10/08/2008
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    Part I: The Pre-Trial Process

    1. Unreasonable Searches and Seizures
    2. The Warrant Requirement and Exceptions
    3. Self-Incrimination
    4. Identification of a Suspect
    5. Double Jeopardy

      Part II: The Trial Process
    6. Due Process
    7. Assistance of Counsel
    8. Speedy Trial
    9. Jury Trial
    10. Confrontation

      Part III: The Post-Trial Process
    11. Cruel and Unusual Punishment
    12. Sentencing and Appeals

    Table of Cases



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