Pretrial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy, Fourth Edition

Pretrial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis, and Strategy, Fourth Edition, provides an excellent conceptual and practical foundation for pretrial litigation. The Pretrial 4th Edition conveys and provides models for how to think and act as a successful advocate in today’s strategic and technological practice of pretrial litigation.  Checklists at the end of each chapter provide easy reference to skills.  Discovery developments with E-Discovery emphasis are a focal point in the text.  Visuals for Pretrial present the latest in technological innovations. Current Rules of Procedure reflect the practical effect of civil case pleading decisions in Twombly/Iqbal. Case Management, organization, and ethical Considerations based on ABA Model Rules are included throughout the text.

The book includes 79 criminal and civil assignments with discussion questions which are based on one fact pattern for a civil Wrongful Death and criminal Homicide case, Summers v. Hard and State v. Hard.  The Assignments take students through the pretrial process in the context of the criminal and civil cases, both of which arise from a tavern shooting after which the victim dies. The assignments are intended for role play in professional workshops and legal education advocacy classes.

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