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Law for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Robert Sprague


  • ISBN: 9781454858881

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    This business law text focuses on critical legal issues associated with starting and managing a small or entrepreneurial business. In a clear and readable style, Robert Sprague discusses intellectual property; opening, managing, and closing businesses; and hiring and managing employees. 

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    Published 09/08/2015
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    About the Author

    Part I: First Steps
    Chapter 1. Leaving Your Employer
    Chapter 2. Selection the Legal Form of Business
    Chapter 3. "Ready-to-Go" Options: Franchising and Buying an Existing Business
    Chapter 4. Raising Capital
    Chapter 5. Operating an Online Business

    Part II: Intellectual Property
    Chapter 6. Intellectual Property Basics

    Part III: Hiring and Managing Employees
    Chapter 7. Title VII
    Chapter 8. Additional Anti-Discrimination Laws
    Chapter 9. Screening For and Hiring Employees
    Chapter 10. Employment at Will
    Chapter 11. Various Workplace Laws
    Chapter 12. Employee Manuals
    Chapter 13. Employer Liability Based on Agency and Respondeat Superior
    Chapter 14. Independent Contractors
    Chapter 15. Terminating the Employment Relationship

    Part IV: Managing the Business
    Chapter 16. Contract Basics - Common Law and UCC Article 2
    Chapter 17. Consumer Protection Laws
    Chapter 18. Credit and Collections

    Part V: Ending the Business
    Chapter 19. Bankruptcy
    Chapter 20. Selling the Business