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The Legal Research and Writing Handbook: A Basic Approach for Paralegals, Seventh Edition

Andrea B. Yelin, Hope Viner Samborn


  • ISBN: 9781454840817

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    Page Count 656
    Published 07/31/2014
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    SUMMARY OF CONTENTS           


    List of Illustrations          




    PART 1 LEGAL RESEARCH                             


    1              Introduction to Legal Research                 

    2              Legal Authorities and How to Use Them               

    3              Court Decisions

    4              Digests                

    5              Validating           

    6              Secondary Authority                     

    7              Constitutions and Statutes         

    8              Legislative History           

    9              Administrative Materials and Looseleaf Services                              

    10           Commercial Databases 

    11           Practice Rules   

    12           Ethical Rules      

    13           Practitioner's Materials

    14           Research Strategy                          




    15           Getting Ready to Write

    16           Clear Writing and Editing                              

    17           Writing Basics   

    18           Case Briefing and Analysis                           

    19           The Legal Memorandum             

    20           Questions Presented and Conclusions or Brief Answers

    21           Facts     

    22           The IRAC Method           

    23           Synthesizing Cases and Authorities                         

    24           Outlining and Organizing a Memorandum                            

    25           Letter Writing   

                    Appendix A Shepardizing and Cite Checking                    

                    Appendix B Citation   

                    Appendix C Sample Memoranda          

                    Appendix D Helpful Websites



  • Author Information

    Andrea B. Yelin

    Andrea Yelin served for several years as a Legal Reference Librarian at Loyola's Law Library and taught the legal research class for entering law students at Loyola. She attended Vassar College and earned her B.A. degree at Rice University in Houston, and her J.D. and M.S.L.S. degrees at Case Western. She taught legal research and legal writing for Loyola's Institute for Paralegal Studies. She is the co-author of The Legal Research and Writing Handbook (7th ed. Wolters Kluwer, 2014); Basic Legal Writing (4th ed. Wolters Kluwer, expected 2013); and Contract Law for Legal Professionals (Pearson, 2011). She is a writer for Pearson and Wolters Kluwer. Andrea currently teaches courses at Loyola University Chicago School of Law and in the Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse Department at DePaul University.

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