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Contracts: A Modern Coursebook

Ben Templin


  • ISBN: 9781454889601

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    Published 07/24/2017
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    Summary of Contents


    PART I Introduction & Contract Formation
    1 Introduction to Contracts
    2 Contract Formation: Consideration
    3 Conditional Gifts
    4 Adequacy and Other Characteristics of Consideration
    5 The Preexisting Legal Duty Rule
    6 Promissory Estoppel
    7 Restitution
    8 Introduction to Mutual Assent
    9 Offer
    10 Acceptance and Other Responses to an Offer
    11 Irrevocable Offers
    12 Mutual Assent and the Battle of the Forms
    13 Statute of Frauds

    PART II Defenses and Excuses
    14 Defenses: Incapacity
    15 Defenses: Duress and Undue Influence
    16 Defenses: Misrepresentation and Nondisclosure
    17 Unconscionability
    18 Public Policy and Illegality
    19 Mistake
    20 Changed Circumstances

    PART III Interpretation and Implied Terms
    21 Parol Evidence Rule
    22 Interpreting Ambiguous Terms
    23 Implied Terms

    PART IV Breach, Conditions, and Repudiation
    24 Breach of Contract
    25 Conditions to Performance
    26 Anticipatory Repudiation

    PART V Remedies
    27 Introduction to Remedies and the Expectation Interest
    28 Certainty, Causation, and Foreseeability
    29 Mitigation
    30 Real Estate, Employment, and Construction Contracts
    31 UCC Remedies
    32 Other Damages
    33 Specific Performance and Other Injunctions
    34 Alternatives to Expectation: Reliance and Restitution

    PART VI Third Party Rights
    35 Third Party Rights

    Appendix: Test Yourself Answers
    Table of Cases