With current literature from multiple viewpoints, Poverty Law, Policy, and Practice provides an overview of the field of poverty law, including cases, data and major government programs that map onto important theoretical, doctrinal, policy, and practice questions. 


  • As the first poverty law textbook to be published in 17 years and only the second since 1976, the book includes new subjects and material reflecting important changes in the field.
  • Given the diversity of substantive and methodological approaches in poverty law, the book is designed for a survey course.
  • The first three chapters introduce foundational concepts about poverty, social welfare policy, and constitutional issues.
  • With these in hand, the next seven chapters—which can be taught in any order—explore major antipoverty programs and sites of activity, including:
    • Welfare
    • Work
    • Housing
    • Health
    • Education
    • Criminalization
    • Access to Justice
  • Each substantive chapter brings together a mix of contemporary data, doctrine, theory, policy, and practice issues.
  • The book concludes with two chapters on innovations and current debates, including market-driven and human rights-based approaches to poverty reduction.
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