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Legal Environment: Business Law and Business Entities

Brian J. Halsey, June McLaughlin


  • ISBN: 9780735568105

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    Page Count 304
    Published 06/29/2011
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    Chapter 1. Overview of the American Legal System

    Chapter 2. The American Court System

    Chapter 3. Contract Fundamentals

    Chapter 4. Contracts in Action

    Chapter 5. UCC & Commercial Paper

    Chapter 6. Agency Law

    Chapter 7. Employment Law

    Chapter 8. Property Rights

    Chapter 9. Torts & Civil Wrongs

    Chapter 10. Legal Considerations in Selecting the Business Format

    Chapter 11. Overview of the Variety of Business Formats

    Chapter 12. Formation of Corporations

    Chapter 13. Corporate Financial Structure

    Chapter 14. Qualification of Corporations in Foreign Jurisdictions

    Chapter 15. Corporate Meetings

    Chapter 16. Limited Liability Companies

    Chapter 17. Partnerships and Limited Partnerships

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