Connecting law students with their future.

Succeeding After Law School in the New Economy

Carole Montgomery, Esq.


  • ISBN: 9781454841401

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    This succinct, print-on-demand  book takes the reader through the various components of a successful transition from being a law student to being a legal practitioner.  Chapter by chapter, it conveys the attitudes and skills that are necessary for law school graduates to succeed in the current legal market. 

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    Published 30-DEC-50
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    Table of Contents

    Chapter One Laying the Groundwork

    Chapter Two Job Search Strategies for Getting the Permanent Position

    Chapter Three Starting Out

    Chapter Four  Assignments and Work Product

    Chapter Five   Common Pitfalls and What Employers Are Saying

    Chapter Six Moving Forward

    Appendix A  Self-Assessment Resources

    Appendix B  Sample Request for Informational Interview and Sample Questions

    Appendix C  Job Internet Resources

    Appendix D  Useful Web Sites to Learn About and Find Alternative Career Positions

    Appendix E  Internet Resources about Student  Loan Debt Repayment

    Appendix F  Sample Interview Questions

    Appendix G  Questions to Ask the Interviewee