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Children, Parents, and the Law: Public and Private Authority in the Home, Schools, and Juvenile Courts, Fourth Edition

Leslie Harris, Lee E. Teitelbaum


  • ISBN: 9781543801712

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  • Description

    This very teachable book is ideal for child-focused courses that deal with the juvenile justice system and the child welfare system or with the legal position of children within their families and society. The Fourth Edition is updated with case law and legislation current through mid-2019, including the Supreme Court’s latest decisions on special education, constitutional limits on punishing minors, new materials on conflicts between parents and state authorities over school curriculum, faith healing, and compulsory vaccination, as well as on the free speech and free exercise rights of students.  The chapters on delinquency explore why the new understanding of how and when adolescents mature is revolutionizing the law, and the unit on child abuse and neglect and the child welfare system covers new state and federal legislation, as well as cases from around the country that examine the tension between protecting children’s relationships with their families and protecting them from harm.

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  • Additional Product Details
    Publication Date: 9/15/2019
    Copyright: 2019
    Pages: 848
    Hardcover: 9781543801712