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Glannon Guide to Contracts: Learning Contracts Through Multiple-Choice Questions and Analysis, Second Edition

Theodore Silver, Stephen Hochberg


  • ISBN: 9781454891697

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    This student-friendly study guide offers a clear, concise, and complete explanation of contract law through skillful use of multiple-choice questions. Addressing all topics covered in standard first-year contract courses—and more-- it provides an expository review of key points of law and illustrative scenarios, followed by probing multiple-choice questions. Systematically, step by step, all possible answers are deconstructed through careful explanation and analysis, leading students through the logic of why the correct answer was correct and, importantly, why the others were not. Important test-taking techniques and tactics receive thorough coverage throughout the text, making The Glannon Guide to Contracts an invaluable aid for first-year students trying to navigate the complexities of contract law. 

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    Published 03/24/2015
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    Chapter 1: You Must Read This Very Short Introduction
    Chapter 2: How to Form a Contract: The Basics
    Chapter 3: Understand the Relationships Among Three Critical Phrases
    Chapter 4: More About Offers: Invitations to Deal and Indefiniteness 
    Chapter 5: More About Offers: Advertisements, Solicitations, and Signatures
    Chapter 6: How Offers Die 
    Chapter 7: Counteroffer and the Mirror-Image Rule 
    Chapter 8: When Acceptance, Revocation, and Rejection Take Effect
    Chapter 9: Mode or Manner of Acceptance; Unilateral and Bilateral Contracts
    Chapter 10: More About the Offeree Who Accepts by Performing an Act
    Chapter 11: Uniform Commercial Code: Offer and Acceptance 
    Chapter 12: Consideration, Part I 
    Chapter 13: Consideration, Part II 
    Chapter 14: Consideration, Part III: The Subtleties 
    Chapter 15: The Statute of Frauds: A “Defense” in a Suit for Breach
    Chapter 16: Incapacity to Form a Contract 
    Chapter 17: Illegal Contracts 
    Chapter 18: How We Interpret Contracts 
    Chapter 19: The Parol Evidence Rule 
    Chapter 20: Duress, Undue In? uence, and Unconscionability
    Chapter 21: Condition and Contingency 
    Chapter 22: Interpretation as to Allocation of Risk: Mistake, Frustration, and Impracticability 
    Chapter 23: Warranty 433
    Chapter 24: Third-Party Bene? ciaries, Assignment, and Delegation 
    Chapter 25: Breach, Remedies, and Damages, Part I 
    Chapter 26: Breach, Remedies, and Damages, Part II 
    Chapter 27: Breach, Remedies, and Damages, Part III 
    Chapter 28: Breach, Remedies, and Damages, Part IV 
    Chapter 29: Breach, Remedies, and Damages, Part V 
    Chapter 30: Breach, Remedies, and Damages, Part VI 
    Chapter 31: Closing Closers 

    Appendix: All About Law