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Glannon Guide To Civil Procedure: Learning Civil Procedure Through Multiple-Choice Questions and Analysis, Third Edition

Joseph W. Glannon


  • ISBN: 9781454827467

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    The flagship title in the series, The Glannon Guide to Civil Procedure integrates multiple-choice questions into a full-fledged review of the course. Lead-up discussions of law prepare students to effectively learn from subsequent questions. Clear explanations of both correct and incorrect answers help to clarify nuances in the law. Carefully crafted questions are sophisticated but fair, neither too difficult nor unrealistically simple, and they are equally useful to all students―whether they will be tested by multiple-choice questions or not. The Glannon Guide to Civil Procedure embodies a far more user-friendly and interactive approach than other exam preparation aids, and valuable exam-taking pointers are interspersed throughout the text. A challenging final question in each chapter (the “Closer”) illustrates a sophisticated problem in law, while “Closing Closer” questions in the last chapter provide further practice and cumulative review.

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    Published 07/15/2013
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    Summary of Contents

    Ch. 1. A Very Short Introduction

    Ch. 2. Diversity Jurisdiction: The Basic Rules

    Ch. 3. Federal Claims and Federal Cases

    Ch. 4. Removal Jurisdiction: The Defendant Chooses the Forum

    Ch. 5. Personal Jurisdiction: Myth and Minimum Contact

    Ch. 6. More Personal Jurisdiction: General In Personam Jurisdiction and In Rem Jurisdiction

    Ch. 7. More than an Afterthought: Long-arm Statutes as a Limit on Personal Jurisdiction

    Ch. 8. Home and Away: Litigating Objections to the Court's Jurisdiction

    Ch. 9. Due Process and Common Sense: Notice and Service of Process

    Ch. 10. Venue and Transfer: More Limits on the Place of Suit

    Ch. 11. State Law in Federal Courts: Basics of the Erie Doctrine

    Ch. 12. Two Ways to Run a Railroad: Substance and Procedure After York, Byrd, and Hanna

    Ch. 13. The Scope of the Action: Joinder of Claims and Parties Under the Federal Rules

    Ch. 14. Of Hooks and Nuclei: Supplemental Jurisdiction over State Law Claims

    Ch. 15. Sufficient Allegations: Pleading Under the Federal Rules

    Ch. 16. Change over Time: Amending the Pleadings Under Rule 15

    Ch. 17. Technicalities, Technicalities: Pre-answer Motions Under the Federal Rules

    Ch. 18. Probing to the Limits: The Scope of Discovery Under the Federal Rules

    Ch. 19. The Basic Tools of Discovery in Federal Court

    Ch. 20. Dispositive Motions: Dismissal for Failure to State a Claim and Summary Judgment

    Ch. 21. Judgment as a Matter of Law in the Federal Courts

    Ch. 22. Second Time Around: The Grounds and Procedure for Motions for New Trial

    Ch. 23. The Quest for Finality: Claim Preclusion Under the Second Restatement of Judgments

    Ch. 24. Collateral Estoppel, Issue Preclusion, Whatever

    Ch. 25. Closing Closers: Some Practice Questions that Cross Jurisdictional Lines

    Ch. 26. Closing Openers: Some Looney Limericks

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