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Business in the Contemporary Legal Environment, Second Edition

Daniel V. Davidson, Lynn M. Forsythe


  • ISBN: 9781454899327

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    Business in the Contemporary Legal Environment is a well-written, comprehensive coursebook providing complete coverage of the areas typically included in a one-semester legal environment course. This user-friendly text is written in a less formal style, avoiding "black letter law" statements whenever possible, and uses a combination of classic and contemporary cases to clearly illustrate the law. Every chapter begins with a Classic Case, a case from the past that helped to set the precedents for the material covered in the chapter. The authors then conclude each chapter with a Contemporary Case, a recent decision that shows a current application of one of the principles discussed in the chapter. In addition, helpful discussion questions and "You Decide" hypotheticals are included at the end of each chapter for further emphasis, as well as well-designed exhibits throughout the book, which help make the concepts easier to understand. 

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    Page Count 696
    Published 09/16/2016
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    Part I Foundations of the Law

    1. Business and Its Legal Environment
    2. Business Ethics
    3. The U.S. Legal System and Court Jurisdiction
    4. Dispute Resolution
    5. International Considerations for Contemporary Businesses

    Part II Governmental Influences

    6. Constitutional Regulation of Business
    7. Administrative Regulation
    8. Protection of Intellectual Property

    Part III Contracts

    9. Contract Formation
    10. Contracts: Performance and Remedies
    11. Contracts for the Sale of Goods

    Part IV Torts and Crimes

    12. Torts
    13. Crimes and Business

    Part V Agency and Business Organizations

    14. Agency
    15. Business Organizations
    16. Securities Regulation

    Part VI The Regulatory Environment

    17. Strategic Alliances and Antitrust Law
    18. Consumer Protection
    19. Environmental Protection and Sustainability
    20. Labor and Fair Employment Practices